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His Early Debut
Kento was appeared at his third long periods of secondary school. He was explored by his present organization when he was shopping at specific soccer shop on Harajuku. That is was the absolute first time he went to Harajuku. He was with his soccer companion that he called ‘Baba-chan‘. At first Kento didn’t completely accept that that he was explored in light of the fact that the individual who explored him showed huge names that he thought he was deluded. Kento then, at that point, left and took train to return home. That individual who explored him was followed him then, at that point, met with his mom. Kento mother was so glad with regards to his child getting explored and advised Kento to take the risk. Indeed, even he was explored, Kento needed to take a few tryouts. His first work was model for young lady magazine. Kento referenced that his first photoshoot was terrifying. He needed to present on brilliant spot and many individuals gazed at him. Haha. He thought about film “LDK” as his advancement in light of the fact a large number of that film, he got so many job and in any event, being called ‘Ouji’ or Prince by his fans. Kento then, at that point, plays many part that included him to be primary job on numerous film and dorama.

His Childhood
Indeed, even Kento is thin however he said that he was large eater when he was a kid. He would be fulfilled in the event that he had onigiri on his both hand while he eats karaage.

He and Soccer
Kento played soccer when he was in middle school. He never imagined that he would be an entertainer since his fantasy was become soccer player. He even figured out how to win some nearby soccer competition.
At the point when he initially came to his organization, Kento recently completed the process of playing soccer with his companions, that is the reason his shoes actually filthy that time.

He and Fashion Sense
As per Kamiki Ryunosuke, Kento is upscale individual, and thinks about Kento as his style instructor. At the point when Kento and Kamiki went to Spain for work (for film Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure), Kamiki didn’t bring sufficient garments, he just bring pants. Kamiki then, at that point, requested that Kento help him shopping and organizing garments for him.
As of late, Kento was dependent with vintage garments and has numerous vintage garments on his storage room.

He and His Room
Kamiki Ryunosuke who had come to his room saying that Kento’s room was chaotic. Kento said that his room was untidy since he is to occupied to tidy up his own room. He truly loves vintage inside, so he end up purchased numerous vintage things yet didn’t have the opportunity to orchestrate them. That is the reason his room looks so muddled.

He and His Smartphone
Rather than accepting human as his photograph’s article, Kento likes to accept food as his item. He will take 2-3 times to have the most obvious opportunity. Indeed, even Kento said that he incline toward food rather than human, his instagram photographs is loaded up with his selfies.

His Best Experience
Kento said that his best experience was his new outing with his companion. He did numerous things from game and entertaiment thing. Because of his bustling work, an outing seems like heaven for him.

His Weird Habit
Kento said that he is an apathetic individual. At the point when he sits in front of the TV or just set down on his bed, he won’t try to take tissue with his hand. He utilizes his foot to take things all things being equal.
As per individuals around him, Kento some of the time chuckles without anyone else. At whatever point he says words in English, he will grin and chuckle. He prefers his own voice when he communicate in English.

He and Beard
Kento is viewed as fortunate by numerous men since he can’t develop his own facial hair. Indeed, even its develops, it just develops for 5mm. Therefore, Kento is called 2.5 jigen otoko or 2.5 aspect man.
At the point when he was worked in dorama Mare, he utilized phony facial hair to look more seasoned, Kento believed that having facial hair was somewhat cool.

He and Shimoneta
Try not to be tricked by his inoncence face, since this man is really hentai. On A studeio, Kento admitted that he truly prefers shimoneta (filthy joke). Indeed, he can’t utilizes it when he appeaers on TV, so will openly talk abot shimoneta with his companions. At the point when he was in soccer club, he and his companion consistently talk about shimoneta.

He and Okayama Amane
He and Okayama Amane are old buddy. They initially met on surprisingly realistic film Another that delivered 2012 prior. They turned out to be dear companion from that point forward, so close untill Kento recorded Amane who cleaned up with his video tape. Kento referenced that he previously erased it (Well, I figure he didn’t). Kento said that Amane is benevolent and intriguing individual, they regularly ramble and joke around.

He and Masaki Suda
He and Masaki Suda are amigo. They know one another when they were high schooler. Kento frequently spend time with Masaki and rest in his condo.

He and Kamiki Ryunosuke
Kamiki and Kento are very dear companion. At the point when he visited Kento’s home, Kento gave him many garments that Kamiki needs. Kento has numerous vintage garments on his wardrobe, so Kamiki picked his top choices as a gift. One of them was garments with mythical serpent’s picture on it. Kento said that ‘Ryuu’ from ‘Ryuunosuke’ signifies ‘mythical serpent’, so he gave it to him.
At the point when Kamiki wore it, abruptly a man requested that he snap a picture, that man said that his garments was cool. Kamiki then, at that point, understood that the garments that Kento gave was so strong untill he turned out to be more famous very much like Kento.

He and Gouriki Ayame
Kento and Ayame worked togehter on sentiment film LDK (2014). Kento called Ayame by ‘Gou-chan’. On Ayame’s birthday, Kento gave her a doll since he realized that Ayame likes doll. Kento did DIY to the doll by putting a hanky on the doll and makes the doll looks like carries it to Ayame. (Ahh, charming)

He and Ghost Story
Kento never sees a phantom or such things. Be that as it may, he at any point had paralized and it was really startling. On specific evening, Kento had a fantasy about ‘also known as oni’ or ‘red devil’. At the point when woken up, he saw the also known as oni stand up in his room. He then, at that point, shut his eyes again and opened it, when he imagined that otherwise known as oni was gone, it really remain alongside him exceptionally close. Kento was confounded on the grounds that it was his fantasy at this point felt such a lot of genuine.

He and His First Crush
Kento had his first crush when he was on primary school. He had pound on his own cohort that he thoght she was charming. He additionally made it to get kiss from the young lady. At the point when they had break, Kento requested that the young lady go to in the background just barely two of them. Kento then, at that point, requested that the young lady kiss him and she did it.
Kento then, at that point, told his companion and his companion requested that a similar young lady kiss him. What’s more think about what, she additionally did it with Kento’s companion. Kento was so cheerful he got kissed yet didn’t have a unique outlook on it.
At the point when they were on 5th grade, that young lady moved out and from that point forward Kento never met her again.

His Ideal Type of Girl
Kento likes lively and solid young lady. Kento like a young lady who snicker so hard like she can’t breath.
Because of his adoration on vintage thing, Kento likes a young lady who wear vintage style thing. He doesn’t actually like a young lady who wear excessively energetic/masculine garments or showy/vivid design thing.