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Japanese Sneaker Brands: Top 14 You Should Know In 2022

It’s evident that Japanese design has become renowned from one side of the planet to the other. They can consolidate impeccably among conventional and present day styles. Also, we as a whole know their standing through items with superior grade and innovative plan. What’s more, clearly, Japanese tennis shoes are not an exemption.

This nation is even known for its rich practice of making shoes from men’s shoes, ladies’ shoes to tennis shoes. They all ensure they can make the best items for clients.

In the event that you have an interest in gathering footwear, you can’t overlook this rundown of the main 14 best Japanese shoe brands. We trust that you can partake in the articles to pick your number one.

1.1. Shoes Like Pottery

Assuming you seriously love tennis shoes, you can’t disregard Shoes Like Pottery, one of the most amazing Japanese tennis shoe brands. The brand is popular for its vulcanized shoes, which are incredibly delicate and make clients agreeable.

Each sets of shoes is heated totally inside an oven by utilizing the vulcanizing technique. Also, their shoes are even sewn by the capable hands of craftsmans. In view of such a remarkable interaction, their great tennis shoes have become extraordinary among others.

1.2. ASICS

Asics is additionally leaned to be quite possibly the most excellent brand. Each sets of shoes from this name is tried by proficient competitors. After a course of cautious exploration, the items might be changed to appropriate with the states of the foot.

Indeed, the materials and plans are likewise enhanced to assist their clients with feeling generally good. Particularly, imaginative plans are likewise the primary element prompting their extraordinary acclaim.

1.3. Hender Scheme

The Japanese shoes brand is the brainchild of creator Ryo Kashiwazaki. Their shoes are the ideal mix of conventional and present day styles. Their plans go past the orientation put together standards forced with respect to us by society. In addition, they utilize untreated calfskin which gives each pair its own special look, and that changes from one proprietor to another. The explanation is that Hender Scheme shoes will change in view of many factors like indigenous habitat, clients, washing, and so forth.


Today is a comfortable name with the young in light of the fact that the author and fashioners of this brand are new age ones. The importance of the Japanese tennis shoe brand’s name helps us to remember the endeavors of battling fashioners roused by the Japanese Edo Period. They attempted to make new models for tennis shoe fans. In each thing of Losers, we can see the secret inventiveness which is both unique and particular.

1.5. NIKE

Nike is known as an overall famous shoe brand. Nonetheless, there are a few things just made in Japan. Nike Air Max 95 Premium QS ‘Mt. Fuji’ is a run of the mill model for this situation.

It is considered as the image of Japan utilized in the Aimax logo on the shoe tongue. In addition, Nike Air Max 97 Premium QS Japan Limited is one more restricted Japanese form roused by the Japanese projectile train.

1.6. Onitsuka Tiger’

Onitsuka Tiger established in 1949 is known as one of the main names in the Japanese tennis shoe industry. From the outset, the organization began as a games shoe maker, then it changed to a chic shoe brand propelled by sports styles. Every one of Onitsuka Tiger’s plans is the ideal blend among customary and current, which makes their shoes one of a kind in the Japanese market.

1.7. RFW Tokyo

In actuality, RFW Tokyo was established in 1998 by creator Takashi Kanokogi. They are known for their moderate style and straightforward embellishment. Because of such a basic plan, their shoes are given a lot of adoration from all kinds of people clients.

In the Japanese market, there are many brands with beautiful adornments. That is the reason the thin tennis shoes have made RFW TOKYO exceptional among many names in the Japanese business.

1.8. Mizuno

It is additionally notable as one of the top-selling brands in the Japanese tennis shoe industry. Mizuno is well known for the individuals who have an interest in running and needs to possess a couple of top notch shoes. Their items are spurred in view of the interest of competitors.

The organization appears to zero in on conveying shoes that are extraordinarily created in light of special plans. That is the justification for why their shoes are the commonplace illustration of the best materials and magnificent manifestations.

1.9. White atelier BY CONVERSE

Their Japanese tennis shoe store is situated at Cat Street, Harajuku. Just in this store, you can observe the restricted version White atelier, which is known as a one of a kind and shocking assortment.

This is the ideal coordinated effort among Converse and the expert craftsman. Additionally, in this store, you can arrange tennis shoes in view of your solicitation with unmistakable plans. Just take our for it! With such exceptional shoes, you won’t ever stress over you’re outdated.

1.10. Comme Des Garçons

The brand was laid out by Rei Kawakubo. His primary design is to make shrewd tennis shoes for a wide range of clients. At the point when any tennis shoe fan needs to observe a couple of Japanese shoes, they can’t disregard Comme Des Garçons, one of the most popular names in this field.

The notable heart logo is considered to put the brand on the map. It is likewise the consequence of ideal participation between Comme Des Garçons and Converse. Plus, while picking this mark, you additionally have faith in the nature of their item since every one of the materials are chosen cautiously.


The conventional Japanese organization was established in 1873, in Kurume. The Japanese brand shoes were known for having five-finger socks and elastic soles. This style was motivated by the old fashioned adaptation.

After some time, their preference for footwear changed to western shoes, which are the present dazzling tennis shoes. On account of numerous long stretches of involvement with this industry, the organization is even accepted to make shoes for Champion.

1.12. Visvim

Visvim is known as quite possibly the most exceptional names in these Japanese tennis shoe brands. Since they have 18 years of involvement with this field, you can thoroughly have confidence in their quality. Furthermore, the brand’s plan is enlivened by American styles.

Whenever you take a gander at their shoes, you can promptly feel the US design. Be that as it may, they actually join the unfamiliar elements with Japanese conventional and recorded factors, which made their own acclaim on the lookout.


All things considered, Asahi Shoes is named as an expert shoemaker in this industry on the grounds that their image began in 1892 and experienced numerous periods to get such an effective position. From the beginning, they were only a little designer shop, then, at that point, they even created a wide range of elastic items, including tires.

These days, they foster numerous sorts of shoes, in any event, for Champions and for Nike. They have an assortment of mark shoe lines like vulcanized ones.

1.14. SOLS

SOLS plans are roused by the 1960s styles. Their unmistakable shoes are in splendid and intense tones. On the off chance that you really love Oxford material shoes, you can’t disregard the Japanese brand. These shoes are very tough because of their built up elastic soles.

Nonetheless, the quantity of their shoes is recently restricted. If you have any desire to have such a brilliant sets of shoes, you want to follow their site cautiously and update them consistently.