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Why Are These Things So Expensive in Japan?

One of the advantages of Japan’s moderately static economy is that costs for regular things have, as I have noticed straightforwardly, stayed pretty much something similar in the long time since I originally showed up (plus or minus a couple of rate points of the utilization charge increment).

Over my ten years or so here, in any case, I have seen that a few things appear to be especially costly in Japan contrasted with different nations. I pondered: Why do these expenses to such an extent? So I did a little digging on four things that outsiders consistently consider excessively expensive: movie tickets, pizza, shinkansen (projectile train) travel and cell phone contracts.

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In my ongoing time of post-careful improvement, I ended up going to the film on various occasions during the new 10-day “Platinum Week” occasions.

Nonetheless, at ¥1,800 (US$16.50) per ticket, an outing to the movies is most certainly not the least expensive choice for a night out on the town. So why is going to the film so costly here? Indeed, I’ve heard numerous clarifications for this as the years progressed.

To start with, there’s the issue of assumption and custom. The examination will let you know that the historical backdrop of movie theaters in Japan returns over 100 years, originating before the advanced thought of the “blockbuster popcorn flick,” which wasn’t exactly a thing until any semblance of Jaws and Star Wars became enormous worldwide hits during the 1970s.

For quite a long time, an excursion to the film here was held in comparative esteem as a visit to the theater or a significant game and the greater cost point mirrors this.

Likewise, there is the contention that films — like those I went to move in Scotland and maybe in your own nations of origin, as well — keep their ticket costs misleadingly low by seriously cheating at their snack bars for food and beverages.

Japanese movie theaters, generally, don’t enjoy such insatiability. Costs are around something very similar or maybe somewhat more costly than those of a regular corner shop. For instance, on a new outing to get a flick, my accomplice and I paid ¥1,000 for two huge beverages and two enormous servings of popcorn. Likewise, dissimilar to most groceries in Japan, the piece sizes at the multiplexes are certainly demonstrated on American ideas of size. This adds to the possibility of good incentive for cash.

There are various ways of bringing the expense of tickets down to a more reasonable level. For instance, Toho offers markdown tickets on the main day of every month. I went to see a movie on May 1 for just ¥1,300. Remember, this cost was for the ordinary screening. The 3D or IMAX screenings will cost more than this.

There are likewise various advancements on assigned days for ladies, men, couples, and kids. Likewise, assuming that one of you is north of 50, the two individuals from a couple will get the more than 50 rebate!

Certain cell phone transporters, for example, Docomo and AU likewise offer connection limits with specific films. It’s ideal to check with your supplier for additional subtleties.

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Contingent upon the size, selection of fixings and, surprisingly, the hour of day that you request, a solitary pizza in Japan can cost anything from around ¥1,000 up to more than ¥4,000 yen.

Contrast this with the ¥1,400 or so I was accustomed to paying for a customary pizza from Domino’s back in Scotland and you can see the reason why I think pizza is slightly overrated here. What truly intensifies this is that sizes in Japan appear to be a piece not exactly right. What we would presumably call a “little” pizza back home, is known as a “medium” here and similarly a “medium” size pizza back home is viewed as a “huge” here — there is no “little” choice.

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So why would that be?

Indeed, as of not long ago, I got involved with the idea that this was on the grounds that expert fixings —, for example, spices, flavored meats and mozzarella cheddar — were exorbitant to import to Japan.

Nonetheless, in investigating this article, I have viewed this as garbage. The facts really confirm that these things may not generally be accessible in your neighborhood grocery store, but rather where you can observe them, the costs are equivalent to those of North America and Europe.

Over the most recent few years, various modest pizza places have arisen across Japan. A large number of them sell what is known as the “one coin pizza” — a pie that main expenses ¥500. Obviously, more costly connoisseur choices are additionally accessible.

However any semblance of Pizza Hut, Domino’s and their homegrown adversaries, for example, Pizza-La won’t bring down their costs in that frame of mind to be a type of brand snootiness.

Assuming you really do demand getting a “major brand” pizza, similar to those referenced, then, at that point, make certain to enlist at the café’s site. They will send you coupons and update their locales with new advancements and limits consistently. Assuming you’re cunning about it and request with perfect timing, you could get two pizzas at the cost of one, get a deep discounted bargain, or perhaps a few free additional items — like chicken wings or cola.


I need to concede, I feel clashed composing this as the shinkansen is by a wide margin my number one method of transport.

That being said, nowadays, the now 50-year-old slug train just isn’t great incentive for cash any longer.

The development of minimal expense transporters (LCCs) has brought plane ticket costs crashing down and added contest has made a comparable cost battle in the mentor and night transport market. There hasn’t been any such push for Japan Rail (JR) to direct its costs.

The Japan Rail Pass, which permits vigorously limited travel for unfamiliar vacationers visiting Japan, is additionally financed by you and I overpaying for our homegrown commutes.

Notwithstanding, similar as the instance of film tickets, there are still a few different ways any among us inhabitants in Japan can profit from limits.

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